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ABCDance Like Me

A Coloring and Activity Book for Brown Dancers

ABCDance Like Me was created with brown dancers in mind! 

Kiana Ebone'

Kiana Ebone'.


Choreographer | Dancer | Entreprenuer

Kiana Ebone’ is a 31 year old dancer and entrepreneur born in Philadelphia, PA, but raised in the beautiful city of Baltimore, MD.  She started dancing at just 3 years old, but truly, it was in her DNA.  Her mother danced and her grandmother spent her early adult life as a professional dancer.  Dancing was inevitably a part of her.  

Since she can remember, Saturday mornings have been dedicated to dance classes, rehearsals, and performances.  Though she played sports, instruments, and a myriad of extracurricular activities, it was the art of dance that she felt most passionately connected to.  It was there, in dance class, that she developed the skills she’d use for the rest of her life.  Problem solving, teamwork, dedication, discipline, persistence, and above all creativity.  

After graduating high school, she went on to study dance at the illustrious Howard University.  Through many strenuous days and injuries, she persevered and came out with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with a concentration in Theatre Arts/Dance!  

Growing up she had aspirations to become a teacher, like both her mother and father at the time.   In her sophomore year of college, she was granted the opportunity to assistant teach an after-school program at the Maya Angelou Public School in Washington, DC, and it welded her two passions.  Her dance journey found new had PURPOSE.

Once graduating, Kiana went back home to Baltimore and began teaching dance and mentoring throughout the city, and has shared the love of dance with 100s of students.  Her hard work and dedication to the art form and the youth precedes her everywhere that she goes.  She was the Head of the Dance Department at Booker T. Washington Middle School for the Arts, a mentor and co-director of Youth Bmore Uprise Mentor Program, and is currently a ballet, modern, and competition teacher at Studio A Modeling, Etiquette, & Dance Academy, as well as a ballet and modern teacher at Baltimore Dance Tech, her home studio at which she trained under the tutelage of Stephanie Powell.  

In addition to the work she does as a teacher, Kiana continues to perform and choreograph.  She started her own company, Kiana Ebone’ Dance Ensemble in 2017, starred in Madame Lovely’s Brunch series, joined Figure 8 Productions, and currently stars in and choreographed the touring production, Stirring the Waters Across America, which illuminates the Civil Rights Movement.  

In 2015, shortly after the murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Freddie Gray was found dead at the hands of the Baltimore City Police Department.  Out of great despair, Kiana along with 5 of her Howard University alumnae friends created an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting solely the positive actions taken by those in the black community, combating the image created by mainstream media.  That organization, Brilliance in Black, has made it their duty to change the narrative and uplift our community.  Bringing light to the excellence of our people is a true passion of hers and she has found love in managing artists, assisting new business owners, and event planning.  Brilliance in Black has hosted many events, but the annual Baltimore Black Wall Street Festival has gained great success and will soon begin touring the country!

Her entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop there.  In the Fall of 2021, Kiana released “ABCDance Like Me”, a youth coloring and activity book that explores black dancers of different genres.  The book has been in production for many years, but she is excited to finally share it with the world!

It has truly been a blessing to explore life through such a creative lens and to use the art form of dance to change the world.

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have." -- Maya Angelou



Kiana Ebone' Dance

"You dance love, and you dance joy, and you dance dreams."

What started as a hobby at just 3 years old, quickly became her divine vocation.  She trained through high school under the tutelage of Stephanie Powell at Baltimore Dance Tech and went on to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Theatre Arts- Dance from Howard University.  She now uses her gift to inspire and teaches dance through Baltimore at numerous studios and in Baltimore City Public Schools, as well as runs her own dance company.  Kiana is a member of the International Association of Blacks in Dance, RAW Artist: natural born artists, and is currently touring with the Stirring the Waters Across America.

Brilliance in Black

Kiana Ebone' is a co-founder of Brilliance in Black, an organization created to support and promote the positive actions taken by those in the black community.  Brilliance in Black created the Baltimore Black Wall Street Festival, it is the home of an extensive Black business directory, and a hub for all black excellence!  

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