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About the Company

Since graduating from Howard University’s Dance Major Program in 2013, Kiana has been teaching dance full time throughout the city of Baltimore.  After taking a few years off from the vigorous training and nonstop performing she was use to since childhood, Kiana felt that there was a piece missing.  She decided to dance again, but found it hard to find as intensive classes as she was prepared for.  In 2016, she realized that there was a desire for many adults, like herself, who had once loved dancing, but had followed another career path, to dance again.  Whether it was the mothers of her students, or past dance colleagues, everyone seemed to be looking for a place to dance.  Kiana put out the call for those interested in taking class, and on August 1, 2016, she held her first adult modern dance class!  Once school started back up and schedules filled up, classes ceased, however they are back!


She has decided to create a company of enthusiastic, excited, and dedicated adult dancers.  Dancers will be trained in various styles, including but not limited to, ballet, modern, and contemporary dance.  With a focus in dance development, dancers will also have many performance opportunities.  

Kiana Ebone Dance Ensemble's mission is to provide opportunities for dance development to motivate dancers to use their gift to inspire others. It is our goal to inspire, educate, and motivate our communities through dance education and performance opportunities.

Interested in joining Kiana Ebone Dance Ensemble?  Contact us below 

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