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The Letter

Many of you have probably seen the Al Jazeera English video that was posted on October 15th about Spurgeon’s Academy of Nairobi, Kenya ( .  The video shows students of the academy in the largest slum of East Africa, Kibera, as they execute absolutely beautiful technique in ballet.  The juxtaposition of the student’s elegant ballet technique against the dark rooms and dirt floors tells a story of determination and discipline.  Watching the video immediately brought tears to my eyes, for multiple reasons.  I was reminded of the blessing of being able to come into a well lit dance studio, with ballet barres, loud sound systems, and adequate flooring.  I was reminded of the feeling I still get to this day when I get a new pair of ballet shoes or any dance wear.  The smiles that surfaced these children’s faces even without those things we deem necessities, are truly a testament to the beauty of dance. 

A friend of mine saw the video and was inspired, as was I and many others, to send these future ballerinas ballet slippers.  Something we take for granted everyday, would make a world of a difference to these children.  It is for these reasons that I am inspired to start the Kiana Ebone Dance, LLC “Royal Feet” Initiative.  The “Royal Feet” Initiative will collect donations to insure that these students have ballet slippers for class.  According to the video, there are currently 30 ballet students, young men and women.  It is our goal to supply all students with ballet slippers and enough for those who may join in the future. 

We need you! You can donate new or lightly worn shoes or make a monetary donation to The Initiative will go through December 31, 2016 and the donation will be made at the top of the New Year! Thank you so much for your support!

Shoes can be sent to :
Brilliance In Black LLC
Attn: Kiana Ebone
P.O. Box 802 
Randallstown, MD 21133

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